Golf History(5)

hers-cream.com During the 15th Century, the game of ggowfh as it was known in Scotland was so widespread that an Act of Parliament passed by King James II banned the playing of the game for fear that the Scottish people were neglecting compulsory archery practices. This decree is the earliest known written mention of golf. However, the law and other similar laws were largely ignored. In 1502, King James IV took up the game and finally lifted the ban.
Golffs popularity spread throughout the 16th Century. King Charles I introduced the game to England and Mary, Queen of Scots, brought it to France. The term gcaddieh came form the word gcadeth the young men who attended to Mary on the golf links. In 1744, The Honourable Company of Edinburgh was founded. It was the first organized golf club in the world and was responsible for promulgating the first set of official golf rules.
The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, the cradle of golf, was established in 1754. Stroke play was introduced in 1759. An 18-hole course was built in 1764 in Leith, Scotland. By this time, golf equipment had changed. Club heads were made from beech or the wood of fruit trees or hand-forged irons. Shafts were usually ash or hazel. Balls were made from compressed goose feathers wrapped in leather. Gutta-percha balls replaced the feather-filled balls in 18848.
As the Scots scatted around the globe, so did golf. The first golf club found south of the Scotland/England border was the Royal Blackheath Golf Club near London established in 1766. The first golf clubs formed outside Great Britain were The Calcutta Golf Club of East India (1829), The Royal Bombay Club (1842), The Royal Adelaide in Australia (1870), South Africafs Royal Cape Club (1885), and The Royal Hongkong (1889). The first recognized golf club in North America was the Royal Montreal Golf Club founded in 1873. In 1888, The St. Andrews Golf Club opened in Yonkers, New York, said to be the oldest continuously existing golf club in the United States.

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